Motor Insurance

Motor insurance covers your car against liabilities to other parties for death or bodily injuries, damages to other parties’ properties, accidental or fire damages to your car and theft of your car.

  • Losses or damages to your car due to accident, fire and theft
  • Third Party death and bodily injuries
  • Third Party property losses or damages
  • And more…

Fire & Burglary Insurance

Fire insurance covers your property against losses or damages caused by fire, lightning and explosion caused by domestic gas.

The policy can be extended to cover the additional risks such as natural disaster and more.

Burglary insurance provides protection against incidents of theft to your property. This policy covers losses or damages to your property and its contents in your business premise due to:

  • Theft by actual, forcible and violent entry
  • Theft or attempted theft by a person feloniously concealed on the said premises
  • Hold-up or armed robbery

Personal Accident & Travel Insurance

Personal Accident insurance or PA insurance is an annual policy which provides compensation in the event of injuries, disability or death caused solely by violent, accidental, external and visible events. You can either take a PA policy for yourself or a group policy for your family, protecting you and them anywhere in the world, anytime of the day. PA insurance provides 24-hour worldwide insurance protection.

Travel insurance can help you when you travel close to home, not just for long distances. You may have existing health cover, but it is likely that this may not cover you when you travel overseas – some policies don’t even cover you in different parts of the same country – and additional travel insurance protects against cancellations and other mishaps.

You wouldn’t travel without packing your toothbrush or passport: proper travel insurance should be viewed as an essential too.

Remember that when you buy separate insurance there are different plans available to suit most budgets, so it’s important to take the time to look at the benefits offered to find the one that’s right for you. In particular you should look at:

  • The types of benefits on offer
  • The value of medical expense cover
  • The value of personal accident cover
  • The value of trip cancellation and curtailment cover